1-PT100A-550-23 U10023A UST PT100薄膜鉑電阻 精度A級 -50-550C 2*2.3*2.3mm


      01 02 03

      1-PT100A-550-23 U10023A UST PT100薄膜鉑電阻 精度A級 -50-550C 2*2.3*2.3mm

      2B precision:±0.6Degree  .A  precision :±0.15C 

      B  precision: ±0.3C 1/3 B  precision: ±0.1C

      Technical indicators: 
      Temperature coefficient: TCR = 3850ppm / K 
      Temperature range:  
      Class B: -70 C -550 C 
      Class A: -50C -300 C 
      1/3DIN: 0 --- 150 C 
      Wire: Pt-coated Ni- wire  
      Specification: DIN EN 60751 (meets IEC751)  
      Size: 2.3mm × 2mm ×1.3mm (l × w × h)  
       Length 10mm  
      Long-term stability:  
      R0 drift of less than or equal 0.04% (500 C, 1000 hours)  
      Anti-vibration levels:  
      At least 40g of acceleration (10-2000Hz)  
      Insulation resistance:  
      > 100MΩ, 20C 
      > 2MΩ, 500  
      Impact rating:  
       At least 100g acceleration (fluctuate after 8.5mS)  
      Since heat transfer coefficient:  
       0.4K/mW (0 C pm)  
      Response time:  
       Water @ 0.4m / s t0.5 = 0.05S t0.9 = 0.15S  
       Air @ 2m / s t0.5 = 3.0S t0.9 = 10.0S  
      Environmental conditions:  
       When used in a dry environment only unprotected  
      Packaging: Bulk 500  
      Measuring current: PT100 0.1-1 mA maximum