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      亚博ag真人「专属推荐」 is specializing in manufacturing an extensive variety of state-of-the-art RTD(Resistance Temperature Detectors) probes as well as Type K,J,T,E,S thermocouples, NTC thermistors and assemblies. Our products are used in industries ranging from automotive, consumer electronics, food handling and processing to medical electronics, medical, building automation,test&measurement,wind power. Customers worldwide use our temperature sensors in their most demanding temperature sensing applications.

      We also provide Germany  UST/Heraeus PT components such as  PT100A, PT100B, PT100 1/3B, PT1000A,PT1000B,PT200,PT20, PT500.

      All of our products are known for their consistent high reliability, cost effectiveness and durability. We are continually examining and improving our engineering, production and service operations to meet constantly changing customer requirements. And we offer the most impressive lead times in the industry
      We can help you develop, and then manufacture products that works with your product. What you need to do is provide a sample, a drawing, even an idea , then we can provide you the products that you exactly need.